domingo, junio 28, 2020

About the Last of Us II


If any of the all-too-familiar hecatombs finally comes to happen, be it one that decimates us rather silently or one that turns us into blood-thirsty zombies like in the movies; if one day the highlights of glamour and grandeur of our species come to appear as distant as the sparkles of sunlight in our childhood nostalgia, how would we go about counting our losses? Would we become the kind of animal still able to find solace in the places that remind us we once walked on the moon, would we build tall buildings adorned with gargoyles in which to worship long outdated prophets, would we find men or women wise enough to resolve even our most intractable differences and if so would we force them to wear black robes and ridiculous wigs? Would we try again to walk the path that leads us to new Einsteins and Picassos (how long could that take?) or would we just endlessly wander around what is left of the world, catering only for what is urgent and crucial?

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