domingo, febrero 01, 2015

About 2014

Kreditech Team

I suppose 2014 was not such a bitch after all.  At the end, it took me to a couple of interesting places, from Poland to Brazil. It made me a lucky member of the team who closed a 200m US$ deal for Kreditech, and it allowed me to start building a new team from scratch.

Here is how it looked:

If I were to describe it very accurately, I suppose I could use my weight chart as plotted by the very cool Withings Smart Body Analyzer that I keep close to my bed:

It started quite OK, but around june it became very -heavy-, almost intolerable. At the end, it put me somewhere in the caribbean of my childhood:

In hindsight, I guess that the end of the graph does not make justice to the end of my 2014. I am not right where I started. I am stronger, a bit smarter, a bit wiser. I have amazing company, and it came as all great things, as a surprise.

2015 starts with the resolution of Blogging. Much more.  This blog gets about 20 visits per day (It has a surprising Pagerank of 2)  and I have not written anything on it since january 26th 2014, so I guess I could use it to write some stuff with the foolish hope that it is read by some web-surfer gone astray. One writes with the hope of being read. That should not be a secret now.

So I hope I can finally give myself the liberty of writing anything here. Anything. Even teenager-diary kind of entries such as this one.

This is a blog. I can always delete the crappiest stuff later on.

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