domingo, octubre 25, 2020

Wypierdalać and the cruelty of imposing stillbirth

Polish Institute Demonstration

Polish women have taken to the streets. And rightly so. No matter what deity one decides to worship or the coordinate in the political spectrum that one inhabits, there is no excuse for the terrible cruelty of forcing a fellow human being to go through the tragedy of stillbirth. It is hard to imagine anything more psychopathic than coercing a woman to go through the pain of labor in order to give birth to a baby that the doctors have determined is too sick to survive past a few hours.  There is no need to have a degree in ethics to understand how depraved and inhumane this endeavour is (How ungodly, if that’s your thing).  Yet the Polish constitutional court has denied Polish women (and in general people with uteruses) the choice to interrupt their pregnancy precisely in these cases. And It did so under the trite and self-negating notion that this restriction to freedom is “a pro-life stance”, when the truth is that anyone who claims to care deeply about life should start by caring for the life and well being of fully formed and fully viable human beings.

Polish Institute Demonstration

The flags and signs of the demonstrators make the right point: It is hard to believe that we are actually protesting this “shit” in the year 2020. But maybe it isn’t so strange after all:  Colombia’s so-called party of the Democratic “Center” (the party that managed to convince a pyrrhic majority of my fellow Colombians to say no to a historic peace agreement by using misinformation and intrigue); the odd coalition of reactionaries that gave birth to Brexit; the Republican Party of Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump; Modi’s ultranationalist movement in India; Le Pen´s National Front; Germany´s AFD and of course the self-proclaimed Polish party of “Law and Justice” are all the embodiment of an undeniable phenomenon that is unraveling before our eyes:  The resurgence of fascism.  We can call it neo-fascism. One with updated propaganda talking points and slightly subtler ways, but a fascism nonetheless.

And I don’t mean that these political parties are fascist in some kind of metaphorical sense.  I mean it very literally: Many conservative parties around the world are currently captured by fascist minorities.  They are fascists in the same way that Mussolini was a fascist: They are determined to identify and exploit our most deeply rooted frustrations and to appeal to the worst of our nature in order to maintain a firm (or total) grasp on power. They will lie, disinform, abuse the love we have for our countries and our nations and invent public enemies (Castrochavistas, bad hombres, liberals, muslims, immigrants, socialists, jews, the deep state, the pizza pedophiles) in order to keep us angry and afraid.  They will blow the dog-whistle of hatred and racism and division as much as they can until we are ready to accept the new savior, the new Duce, the new Führer.  We know what happens next.

Polish Institute Demonstration

Most importantly, Berlin reassured me today that they will fail.  Yes: They are winning some battles and they will win a few more, but we have seen right through them. No matter how successful are PiS´efforts to undermine the separation of powers, no matter how successful they have been in negating the freedom of the Polish press, no matter how much public money they spend on subsidies to buy their way into power, Polish women have seen through them and have taken to the streets to say: Wypierdalać!

Judging by the polls (and unless Trump and Putin succeed in fabricating falsehoods about Hunter Biden) it seems that Americans will deal a big blow to the US chapter of these closet fascists. That, together with Boris Johnson’s proverbial ineptitude, will get us near the end of this chapter of history in which they will be nothing but a footnote.   But It is a moral duty to stand with Polish women today. We owe it to our mothers, to our sisters, to all the fellow members of our species who happen to have have a uterus.  We owe it to ourselves. There is an urgent need to build an alternative to the Law and Justice Party that caters for all Poles of good will.  This disease that has infected polish politics cannot remain unchallenged until it takes us back to the middle ages. Not here. Not this close to the heart of Europa.

Polish Institute Demonstration

#Wypierdalać #JebaćPiS #PisOff

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